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TheGrads.jpg (56301 bytes) 05/15/04-Grad-jee-a-tud!

w00t!   I am please to announce that I am officially THERE.  Graduated, that is.   And one of the best parts of it is that, as part of our final project, I was joined on THERE by two of my beloved classmates, Raelene (left) and Rigalla (middle).  As part of our final for our Bachelors of Science in E-Commerce Management, we had to create a presentation that featured an aspiring or existing business with e-commerce attributes or functions.  We chose to showcase my THERE design business, Sera Style.  As part of our presentation, I created a fashion video.  Check it out here:  Sera Style Fashion Extravaganza

WoN-Munchkinland.jpg (52020 bytes) 04/09/04-Wizard of Nene Screenshot Contest

I must say, it's seems only fitting that as a resident of Kansas I would be involved in the Wizard of Nene themed event.  Why, Dorothy and Toto and I go waaay back.  And, of course, as the festivities were unveiled, the ole screen shot trigger finger was primed and ready. 

I'm pleased as freshly preened monkey wings to announce that my screenies won not one, but two of the screenshot contest prizes.  The "Munchkinland" pic (on the left) and a funnier-when-they're-not-real "Twister" pic.  Now if I only had a brain...

ThereFrontPage-sm.jpg (27552 bytes) 03/01/04-Sera on THERE.com

Imagine my surprise... I open up THERE's new front page and discover that I'm on it!  Not the usual "me" that you know, but the Rasta-fied Sera that came into being during the beta test for v2.  I'm the one on the right, see?  The one with cool dredlocks and a killer hand.

What?  You don't believe that's me?  Then click on pic to see the original!  Hey, and if being on THERE.com wasn't exciting enough, this same pic was used (with a different but very cool background) on MMORPG.COM as well!   Neato!

010704-PicoftheWeek-sm.jpg (24965 bytes) 01/07/04-Pic of the Week!

I knew all this obsessive picture taking would pay off.  :)  Not only did we have a blast at the Rockin' New Year's Eve party, our frolickin' good times got featured as the pic of the week for the first week of 2004.  How cool is that?

Click on the pic to see a larger version and to uncover the names of those unidentified rockin' party animals.

MorePics.jpg (18313 bytes) 08/30/03-More pics!

I've added more pics to my photo albums, "I'm So There", "So Are They" and a ton of pics from THEREstock 2003 to "Events".  I should have the Sites and Sights section up this weekend, and maybe (finally) my guestbook.  OH!  And I just had 4 new tops approved, so keep an eye on the Sera Style section too.  I've got some great shots I'll be adding of my mega-handsome male models showing them off.

Pic_of_the_Week-Therestock2003a_small.jpg (4257 bytes) 08/22/03-Screenshots are a good thing!

After our (extremely painful) 4-day hiatus from THERE, I logged back online tonight and discovered that one of the pics I sent in from THEREstock2003 was chosen as the "Event Pic of the Week".  Yippee! 

081703a-Image5a.jpg (65661 bytes) 08/17/03-Oh, the irony!

I must say, this has been one exciting weekend.  Last night I was thrilled to place 3rd in the dance contest, but tonight it got even better.  I was the Grand Prize winner of the "Silly Protest Signs" contest.  Wow!  And, fortunately, the irony of my message didn't go unnoticed.  My entry was a sign... that protested signs!   We especially see this problem in Karuna Plaza, where signs are not only obscuring the view, but our way in and out.  "All we are saaaying, is give no-lag a chance!"

081703a-Image51.jpg (30900 bytes)

08/17/03 - Feelin' Groovy!!

Wheeee!  I'm so excited!  I was just awarded Third Place in the first annual Therestock Dance Contest!  Whoo hoo!  Totally far out, man!  Here I am, taking a bow in my very groovy tie-dye t-shirt and denim hot pants.  But I wasn't alone.. there was a 3-way tie for Third Place! Alexis_Josephine and AmberRose also shared this award with me.  We each got $500 TBucks.  w00t!   Check out more Therestock 2003 pics in the Events photo album.

UnderConstruction.jpg (40637 bytes)

08/16/03 - And awaaay we go!

Okay, I'm not quite done but I can't stand it anymore.  I gotta get this thing on the web.  I'll add my guestbook and the Sites & Sights pages next week when There is down for *gulp* four days while they upgrade hardware.  Meanwhile, have fun perusing.  Or even ogling, if that's what you prefer.  :)  'wave

moviefilm1a.jpg (23484 bytes) July 2003 - w00t!  Sera hits the big time!

I landed a "starring" role as an extra in the new music video by Virtual_Vikki, "Lose Yourself in THERE".  As you can see, I was center stage, lookin' cool as a cucumber as I hovered near an attentive stray dog.  My shining film debut!  I'm so proud.

You won't believe this video, it is so cool.  Check it out at the Miracle Pictures website. And be sure to check out my "hollywood bio" too.

Be sure to bookmark this page to find out what's new in Sera's Life in THERE!

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