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It took me days... okay, hours.. well, at least several minutes to master hovering in place like this.  That's me, with the big red arrow pointing at my head.  I know it's hard to tell with all that stage make-up, but I assure you.. it's really me. (No idea whose dog that is, trying to steal my scene.)
My "Hollywood" Bio:

Sera, internationally renowned "extra" and role player, began her illustrious career in modeling and film as a young n00b when she first appeared as one of the dancing Cheeri-ohhhs in a popular morning breakfast food commercial. This humble beginning led to a lengthy portfolio of shining, momentary glimpses of Sera which would leave viewers pondering, "Haven't I see her somewhere before?" And they had. "Child With Beanie" in 'front gate mayhem' on "Willa Wonka's Chocolate Factory", "Girl Under Porch" in 'back to the hills' on "The Beverly Hillbillies", "Chick in Red Coat With Yapping Dog" in "crowded city scene" in "Matrix Reloaded", and more recently, "Off da Hizzle for Rizzle Bootylicious Mama" in a recent Snoop Doggy Dog "Girls Gone Wild" video.

With these impressive credentials, Sera was a shoo-in for the part of "Hoverpack Babe" in 'wild bar scene' for the highly acclaimed "Lose Yourself in There" music video, and gave a stellar 2 second performance.

Naturally, Sera has had many opportunities and requests to star in leading roles, however, she finds the rigor of scripts and daily shoots too stifling and prefers the freedom of occasional runway strutting and creating impromptu, but highly choreographed, background action scenes.

These days Sera can be found residing in the hills of Upper Tiki Valley with her loyal canine companion, Duke, and designing fashions under the new "Sera Style" label. Loyal fans of Sera will tell you that, to truly appreciate her thespian prowess, the pause button... and timing, is everything.

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