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I'm SO There - 5

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081703a-GPSillyProtestSigns.jpg (64914 bytes) August 21 - THEREstock 2003, Exile Land Parcel, Cangrejo Island

Here I am, kicking back with two of my dear friends, Taryn and Kendahl.  We're sitting in front of a sign I entered in the Silly Protest Signs contest at THEREstock 2003: "Free Karuna"  If you've ever been to Karuna Plaza, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  There's so many signs cluttering the entrance that you often run into them before they've even had a chance to draw.  And they create a unpleasant thing known as "rubberbanding".   Listen people, all we are saaaying, is give no-lag a chance!

082103-Image2a.jpg (73772 bytes) August 21 - Outside the Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

My first THERE trophy.  Look at me.   I'm so excited.  This prestigous honor was bestowed upon me for winning the grand prize in the "Silly Protest Sign" contest at THEREstock 2003.  I made a sign... to protest signs!  Isn't irony fun?  Well, needless to say, I was thrilled that my sign was appreciated and the $1500 prize was pretty darn nifty too.   (Whoo hoo!  Time to go shopping!)

082302-Image2a.jpg (47245 bytes) August 23 - Outside the Aero Club, Maidenflight, Ootay Island

Have you ever seen that reality tv show hosted by Tyra Banks called "America's Top Model"?  Well, I entered as a contestant for the THERE version of this show and made it to the final cut!  For the next 10 weeks I'll be competing against 7 other beautiful avi's for the title of THERE's Top model.  The contest announcement said they didn't want cookie cutter California girls... they wanted an "edgy" look.  So here's what I came up with.  (Ya think maybe I overshot the mark just a tad?)

082403-Image11a.jpg (61527 bytes) August 24, 2003 - Laura's Isle, Ootay Island

I was hoverpacking up to the lookout tower on Laura's Isle, just down the hill from the Flirty_Something clubhouse when I ran across this little piece of heaven.  Some entirely clever person put one of my beloved hammocks waaay up high, suspended between two trees.  The view was awesome.  The atmosphere quiet and cozy.  And I've been trying to find two trees standing close enough to each other around our clubhouse ever since.

082403-Image4a.jpg (36332 bytes) August 24, 2003 - Outside Karuna Plaza, Caldera Island

Not many people know this, so keep it quiet.  Just outside Karuna Plaza, there's an area next to a very tall tree where it only LOOKS like grass, but in actuality, it's green quicksand.  Have you been missing things from your inventory?  This is where it went.  There's a few n00bs under there too.   And a whole buncha single socks.

082403-Image5a.jpg (65461 bytes) August 24, 2003 - Outside Karuna Plaza, Caldera Island

Once I was able to pull myself from the murky green muck, I headed toward Karuna to indulge in my frequent and enjoyable alter identity.. "Clothes Fairy", where I spread t-shirts and capris to all the pretty new THERE girls so that they won't spend all their start-up money on clothes.  Of course, this won't keep them from spending it all on something totally cool like these buggies I ran across on my way into the plaza.  A casino buggy with playing card seats and roulette wheels.  Hot dog!  Red 7!  Red 7!  Mama needs a new pair of shoes!

082903-Image2a.jpg (43702 bytes) August 29, 2003 - Dune Pools, Caldera Island

I can't help but think that all I'm missing from this picture is a holster and a couple of six-shooters.  Okay, maybe it's just the stance.  Cuz I'm sure most gunslingers didn't wear cute little white sandals and sport nearly as much cleavage... but maybe if they did, they wouldn't have had to get the hell outta Dodge, either.

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