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I'm SO There - 2

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062803B-Image1.jpg (123231 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Duda Island, Just off the coast of Caldera Island

Oh, the joys of Visa.   With just a few clicks, and your favorite credit card, you too can own a custom-build hoverboard by Randra_Loqqet.  This HotRod Hoverboard is based on a 1969 Dodge Coronet.  I just have one word to describe it... SWEET!  Goes great with my matching "Eat Dust" laced leather jacket (by Rejeanne).  All I need now is an open road and James Dean.

062803-Image2-SeraHotRod.jpg (103402 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Duda Beach, Caldera Island

Here I am, speeding up the beach toward Karuna Plaza.  Notice there's not a soul in sight?  That's because I already made a deathly sweep through the village before taking this shot.  You just can't trust a girl in a muscle car.

063003-Image1.jpg (87910 bytes) June 30, 2003 - Hoverboard Park, Caldera Island

Okay, one more shot of my entirely cool hotrod and I'll quit.  A couple of weeks after I got this board I wrote to Randra to thank her for making this vehicle.  I said, "Thanks to you, I'm having more fun than a person should even be entitled to on this game."  I've realized since then that I like my entitlements like I like my paychecks.  LARGE.  And in this case, my fun entitlement has definitely been super-sized.  :)

062903-Image3.jpg (169599 bytes) June 29, 2003 - Maidenflight Overlook, Ootay Island

Here I am at Maidenflight, training my beloved canine companion, Duke.  (He's the one with the eyes.)  I'm not sure who his unfortunate sightless friend is, but she sure can follow commands.  Good dog!  

063003-Image2.jpg (77130 bytes) June 30, 2003 - Duda Beach, Caldera Island

This cool little number was created by one of my favorite designers, Alexis_Josephine.  I bought it to wear at the first official Flirty_Something Club's monthly event, a mixer at the Aero Lounge.  The name of my club, "Flirty_Something", is more about a play on the words "thirty-something" than a description of behavior.  Not that we're opposed to flirts, mind you.  But this club is really just for folks who are old enough to know that there's no expiration date on fun.  :) 

063003B-Image1a.jpg (52233 bytes) June 30, 2003 - Outside Leaning Palm, Cangrejo Island

Ahhh... almost  two weeks in and I finally feel comfortable enough to let my hair down.  Isn't the sky pretty on Cangrejo?  There's 48 funzones on this island.  Here I am just outside of Leaning Palm.  One down.  Forty-seven to go.

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