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THERE Related Sites

Here are some links to some interesting and often useful websites of my fellow THERE enthusiasts:

  • Caldera Sun Times - The CST is, as stated on their amazingly informative website, "strive to bring the There community news and information that will enhance your stay and play in the There world."  The CST offers current events, news reports, interviews, advertising and an array of THERE-related information.

  • LifeinThere - Featuring "Real News for a Virtual World", LifeinThere offers daily news for THERE enthusiasts, along with Sports, Weather, Entertainment, Community, Travel, and features articles galore.  You'll find the latest information about what's going on with THERE product development along with numerous interesting articles about various events and personalities.

  • The Moto Eagle - TME is all about "Telling There Like It Is".  As a THERE-related e-newspaper and information center, TME has dozens of interesting articles about the events and happenings in our beloved THERE community. 

  • There-Universe - Tauted as the "Unofficial THERE Online Community", There-Universe is another great source for information about what's going on in THERE.  A huge discussion forum is available, along with polls, IRC chat,  announcements, news and the latest "rumors".

THERE Designers:

There are so many awesome designers (too many to list here) who contribute wonderful custom content to the game.  The neat part is that most of them are just regular users, like me.  Here are just a few of my favorites:

  • DreamWeaver - Specializing in the unique, DreamWeaver's fashions are truly one-of-a-kind.  She especially gets my vote as a star designer because she seems to love vivid colors as much as I do.  Check her out if you want something that stands out to wear for that special occasion.

  • Jinx_tv - A major contributor to the many facets of the THERE design world, Jinx is popular with both men, women, and club/homeowners.  She has a great sense for detail and a wonderful flair for design. 

  • Lookout - Okay, it's not just that Lookout and his Mrs. are sweet, funny, and terrific to have as friends, but this fella has a real eye for color and fashion too.  And hey, how many guys will stand around helping you pick out just the right capris to go with the new top you just bought?  Tell me that isn't cool.

  • Paladin - A sweetheart of a guy who is more than willing to "talk shop" with new designers (like me... thank you, Pal!), Paladin makes ladies tops that make you say "ooh, la la!"  He's also an accomplished buggy and male clothing designer.

  • Randra Loqqet - Randra is famous for her custom content and, thanks to her, I have more fun in THERE than anyone is really even entitled... and I owe it all to my custom "HotRod Hovercar".  This baby takes air like the sporty cruiser that she is and has given me the ability to do flips and tricks that are so smooth they inspire the words "mad skillz".

  • Rejeanne - When zipping across the landscape on my beloved HotRod Hovercar you will often find me sporting my leather "Laced Racing Jacket" with the sweet words, "Eat Dust", on the back.  (And I mean that in the nicest way.)   You will find Rejeanne's other awesome designs under the 'Chez Rejeanne' label.

  • Samantha_Sky - I remember when Sam first started on There, designing just made her crazy.  But crazy must be a good thing because she just totally amazes me now.  Samantha has a flare for adding those extra little details that make her outfits unique and special.  Which isn't surprising, because that's the kind of friend she is too.

  • SilverFox - Okay, he may only be in his early twenties, but the guy knows his cleavage.  :D  He's got a great hand for graphic work and is sure to be a popular designer with the ladies.  His "Romantic Heart Lace" top is one of my favorites.

  • Starley - Under the "Celestial Bodies" label, Starley has some of the sexiest designs in There... okay, and it has to be said, some of the best designed boobage goin' on too.   (Oh quit, you know we care.)  Check Starley out when you need that cute little outfit that will have the boys following you around.

  • TinYang - Looking for something different?  TinYang has unique designs that combine fashion with flair.  And I'm not just saying that because she hired me as a model.  ;)  I was admiring and wearing her creations long before I started strutting down the runway wrapped in TinYang designs.

  • Viv - Under the label "Belissimma Designs", Viv comes up with fashions from stylish to daring to practical.  I've recommended her "plain black capris" to so many ladies you'd think I was making a commission!  :)  And at the rate I buy Viv's sandals, I may soon be the Emelda Marcos of THERE.

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