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I'm SO There, but fortunately... So Are They - 6

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082302-Image7a.jpg (70412 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Front Yard-Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

Okay, I think there's something Alex and Sam aren't telling me....

082302-Image8a.jpg (69573 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Monkey Falls, Caldera Island

Deep in the forest on Caldera Island you will find a lush haven with waterfalls and shimmering pools... and occasionally some @#$%^! signs, books, and other foreign objects which have no business being there and the idiot(s) who put them there need to be taken out and shot and tied to a stake over an ant hill and covered with honey and... isn't this a pretty sight?  *sigh*

082302-Image9a.jpg (47232 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Monkey Falls, Caldera Island

Awww... Samantha and Alex share a sweet moment.  No smart aleck remarks go with this picture.   Aintcha proud of me?  :)

082403-Image1a.jpg (40441 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Near Ootay Beach, Ootay Island

You know Eva loves me.  She completely tolerates my driving.  I seem to have a habit of ending up in this position in buggies.  I don't know why.  Don't worry, Eva.   It'll grow back.

082402-Image2a.jpg (65879 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Ootay Shipwreck, Ootay Island

Finally down the hill and we make it to our destination, the Ootay Shipwreck.  Eva still looks a little dazed from our spill.  But she's still coherent enough to know she needs to keep that leg elevated.  You notice I feel so guilty I can't even look at her.  BAD Sera, Bad!

082402-Image13a.jpg (76715 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Laura's Isle, Next to Ootay Island

While Eva rests quietly in my buggy, I decide to go looking around and happened across my favorite seating object, the Randra hammock, nestled neatly between two trees, high above the ground.  Naturally, I couldn't resist taking a little break.  Moments later, a not-so-happy looking Samantha appears.  Evidently, Eva's not being as quiet as I thought she was.  Okay, okay!  I'll find a tourniquet.  Settle down!

I can't believe you'd give up now.  Be brave.  Be strong.  Click Next.

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