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I'm SO There, but fortunately... So Are They - 5

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080903-Image1a.jpg (63174 bytes) August 9, 2003 - Front Yard-Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

Here's my new friend, and (at the time) most recent addition to the Flirty_Something Club, Kendahl.  We have a blast hanging out together and taking turns showing each other THERE sites the other one has never seen. That's one of the neat things about THERE, there's so many places to explore.  And then you have really cool people like Kendahl to explore them with. (Take note, ladies: not only is he handsome and sweet... he's single!)

080903-Image10a.jpg (11771 bytes) August 9, 2003 - Top of the World, Outer Space, THERE

Remember how I mentioned Kendahl and I taking turns showing each other sites the other had never seen.  Here's a place where I had never been... the Top of the World.  See those tiny little specks below our name tags?  Those are Caldera, Ootay, Tyr, Saja, Cangrejo and some of the other islands of THERE.  See that name tag below mine?  Big Sister was watching. ('wave)

080903-Image39a.jpg (47423 bytes) August 9, 2003 - The North Pole, THERE

Who would have guessed.  On THERE, Santa must wear a Hawaiian shirt and have 12 leaping dolphins because the North Pole is out in the middle of the ocean.  (Nevertheless, I left Santa a little note while I was up there to let him know I want more toes.)

081603-Image2a.jpg (110407 bytes) August 16, 2003 - Front Yard-Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

This started out as just Kendahl, Amanda1981, Taryn and I, hanging out at the clubhouse, talking about clothes.  Next thing you know, JefftheSurfer and StormySeas wander by and join us.  Then Lithiumfrog and Corbin dropped in.  Suddenly, it was a fashionista clothes-fest.  I was so excited, I listed our conversation with the (clearly suggestive) title "What are you wearing?" (Insert heavy breathing here.)

081703b-Image18a.jpg (81373 bytes) August 17, 2003 - THEREstock 2003, Exile Land Parcel, Cangrejo Island

Taryn, Kendahl and I are enjoying the THEREstock flashback '60s music so much that we spontaneously break into dance.  When the mooon ('rtr, 'leftpose, 'rightpose) is in the seventh house ('tada, 'backpose, 'bluesteel), and Jupiter aligns with Maars... ('sexy, 'rtr, 'backpose)...  Well, you get the idea.  Anyway, you can see more (and I mean a whole LOT more) pics of THEREstock 2003 in the Events section.

082302-Image4a.jpg (88554 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Front Yard-Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

THEREstock may be over but its spirit lives on.   Alex, Samantha and I (yes, that's me), don our coolest rainbow colors and reminisce.  I met Alex and Sam on The Sims Online, where they hosted some of the most popular money and skill houses known to mankind.  They played this one game called "Word Association" that was so wildly popular that I decided it should be born over here too.  Keep an eye out for it in the events section!  You'll love it!

082402-Image9a.jpg (73473 bytes) August 23, 2003 - Hideaway Beach Hut, Ootay Island

Someone get the Raid... we've been invaded by giant spiders!  You don't believe me?   Whaddya call that hairy thingy skittering across the floor behind Alex, Eva and I?   This spider is dangerous.  Right before I took this picture, it ate my dear friend, Samantha_Sky.  I guess it got full before it could scarf down her name tag too.

I only have one word for you.... NEXT!

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