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I'm SO There, but fortunately... So Are They - 4

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072503-Image33a.jpg (52176 bytes) July 25, 2003 - Front Yard-Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

I am SO fortunate to have friends who not only willingly, but spectacularly, model my designs for me.  Here we have Jim_Ellisim, Taryn and Lukas, giving me some major vogue action for my new novel-tee, the AFK/BRB Notifier T-shirt.  Don't they look wonderful?  Shouldn't you run out and buy one of these t-shirts before they're all gone?  I think you should!

072703-Image9a.jpg (47982 bytes) July 27, 2003 - A hoverboard beach, Cangrejo Island

Now see?  Here are some people who were chock-full of common sense, intelligence, and enough $TBucks to buy my t-shirt.  We decided we looked so cool in these together that we made a club.... "The Not_Quite_There Club."  Because if you're away from your keyboard, you're not quite there!  You just gotta love a good double entendre.  BTW..Let me know if you have one of these t-shirts and I'll send you an invite to our club.  (And thank you, Amanda, for the brilliant idea and club name!)

072603-Image19a.jpg (63672 bytes) July 27, 2003 - Skypad above a hoverboard beach, Cangrejo Island

Remember that skypad it took me 20 minutes to land on with my buggy?  Well, this is not it.  However, this was another one, built a couple of weeks later, in the same area.  And it was one of those nights when a gathering happened by accident.  That's the cool thing about THERE.  People are friendly and parties can happen anywhere, even in the sky. (Notice how lovely Taryn and Vyr look in my Midnight Sky top too?) 

080103-Image18a.jpg (57169 bytes) August 2, 2003 - Front Yard-Flirty_Something Clubhouse, Ootay Island

Lukas is the founder of the largest clubs on THERE, TSO_Refugees and TSO_Veterans.  I'm part of the latter club.  Not only is he a great club leader, he's a darn nice fella too.   Here we are, visiting after a modeling session where Lukas nearly burst the seams on my new Deep Blue Ocean Hawaiian shirt for men. What can I say? The man's obviously been working out!

080203-Image49a.jpg (61696 bytes) August 2, 2003 - Manoa's Lookout, Caldera Island

Here are my buddies, Saul and Sam_Dobbs, styling in two of my new design creations.  Don't they look smashing?  I don't know what I did to get so lucky to have guys this handsome and sweet to help me out, but whatever it is, I hope I keep doing it.

080203-Image59a.jpg (63289 bytes) August 2, 2003 - The Watering Hole, Dune Canyon, Caldera Island

Okay, this is nothing more than a shameless plug.  I admit it.  I'm not above resorting to such things.  But I just love that hoverboard shadow image on the back of my new hoverboard shirt.  You should see it on a matching green board.  SWEET!  And look!  There's Dyson in the background, my new friend who helps model for me too.  You can see more of my wonderful, fantastic, amazing, guy friends here

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