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I'm SO THERE, but fortunately... So Are They - 2

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062703-Image52b.jpg (49130 bytes) June 27, 2003 - Dune Pools, Caldera Island

There we were... minding our own business... when it happened.  Invasion of the Thong Man!   Hide your daughters and cover the kids' eyes.  Thong Man is on the rampage!

062803-Image15a.jpg (51246 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Nene Volcano, Caldera Island

Here I am with my buddy, Bearclaw, who taught me the finer points of skydiving on THERE.   I keep hoping I'll eventually figure out how to jump on my hoverboard so I can do some wicked flips while I'm in the middle of my free-fall.  Can you imagine how many arm pumps your avi will give you for THAT?

062803-Image14a.jpg (32551 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Nene Volcano, Caldera Island

See what I mean?  Bearclaw is good.  Look how he slides down the mountain, head first, on his back like that.  No parachute.  No hands.  No fear.

062803-Image1b.jpg (50559 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Inside the Crystal Tower, Tyr

After teaching me how to skydive, Bearclaw teleported me up inside the Crystal Tower on Tyr.   This is now one of my favorite places to show new people of THERE.  It's an awesome view, very high up above the creepy crevices of the mountains of Tyr... where the things that go bump-in-the-night dwell, and the moon is always full.

062803-Image19b.jpg (57051 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Dune Canyon, Caldera Island

Want to make friends and meet people?  Offer a n00b a ride in your buggy.  But you might wanna make sure you're not running low on virtual memory first.  Lag has a nasty little way of holding you in place while the action is still going on.   Thankfully Rhenghis (er, you can't see him, he's squished under my buggy) was very understanding about our full-speed, upside-down collision with an unforgiving ramp.

062803-Image5a.jpg (50217 bytes) June 28, 2003 - Duda Island Lookout, Duda Island

Here we are, Eva and I, spending a relaxing afternoon hoverpacking around the islands.  Yes, and once again, we are dressed alike.  I tried to tell you that we are twins!  We're just not sure which one of us is the good one, and which one is the evil one.  ;)

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