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THERE Events - 3

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073003-BeachBuggyBash28a.jpg (46059 bytes) July 30, 2003 - Flirty_Something Beach Buggy Bash, Passage Beach

Each month the Flirty_Something Club will sponsor an event for members and guests alike.  It wasn't until I put up these pictures that I realized that instead of having just one sponsored event for the month of July, we had two.   Whoops!  Maybe we'll just have to make that a habit.  :)

Our 2nd official event was a Beach Buggy Bash.  Bikinis, beach balls, buggies, and bonfires were all on the agenda.  We had an elevated pad for folks to use to just hang out or to get a good view of the buggy action.  There were ramps all over the beach for maximum buggy soaring altitude, soccer and fun balls to chase, kick, or run over, and we even had a private little area set up for Tarot card readings offered by one of our members, Devlyn_McGregor.

We had an excellent turn-out, which started with a LOT of mixing and mingling.   People were moving from group to group all over the place.  Lots of folks brought along their dogs and had fun playing with them on the beach.  Once everyone had a chance to get to know their fellow participants, then the real fun began.  We all jumped in our buggies and went speeding down the beach, chasing each other, jumping ramps, and careening wildly into one another in spectacular crashes.  It was hilarious.

The event extended well past the closing hour as folks continued to linger on the beach and around the funzone, socializing and making new friends.

Overall, it was a great time with a lot of terrific, totally fun people.

Special thanks to the following members and guests who made our event a success:

  • ArianeB
  • bearclaw
  • Crapass
  • Dcityallstar
  • Devlyn_McGregor
  • Eva_Springs
  • Fazzerelli
  • Fury
  • GaryGreen
  • Goldielocks
  • Huntress
  • JeffB
  • Jellacle
  • LefTsidEpunk
  • Meghann
  • Mysta
  • Perihelion
  • Taryn
  • Tun9aN0
  • Whatie

Upcoming events will include a formal attire party, Human Pinball, treasure quest, paintball pandemonium, word games/trivia, and more fun mixers... a little something for everyone.

If you're 30 or older and would like to join the Flirty_Something club, feel free to sign up on the THERE club page.

Our events are welcome to fun-lovers of all ages.  We look forward to seeing you THERE.

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073003-BeachBuggyBash25a.jpg (82361 bytes)
073003-BeachBuggyBash17a.jpg (100721 bytes)
073003-BeachBuggyBash11a.jpg (62223 bytes)
073003-BeachBuggyBash3a.jpg (67628 bytes)
073003-BeachBuggyBash36a.jpg (69662 bytes)
073003-BeachBuggyBash6a.jpg (63942 bytes)
073003-BeachBuggyBash8a.jpg (65735 bytes)

Take a psychadelic trip back in time...  THEREstock 2003 is coming up Next!

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