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THERE Events - 2

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070603-Image1a.jpg (59719 bytes) July 6, 2003 - Twins Contest, Explorer's Club, Ootay Island

This event was such a big deal for me and Eva that it's getting its own page.  When we first found out about the Twins Contest, we got all excited and began planning what we'd wear and do right away.

The first thing we did was look through our closets to see what outfits we had in common.  Eva and I learned soon after we first met that our taste in clothing was uncannily similar.  A few moments into our search we struck paydirt.  Alexis_Josephine's "Sunshine Kissed Corset & Capris" was the perfect choice... classy, sexy, and a real head-turner.  We knew it was the one.  We paired it up with matching sandals and groovy sunglasses and then it was off to the spa to ensure we were identical.

Once we tweeked our settings and had our outfits saved, we knew we were ready.   When the big day arrived, we anxiously awaited our pop-up invitation.  But alas, when we arrived, there were dozens of people waiting outside.  No one could get in!  After nearly a 45 minute wait, we figured the contest was already over, but finally(!) the system let us in and, fortunately, we were still able to enter.

The judges had us climb up on some crates in the center of the club to take pictures.   Eva and I really hammed it up, striking identical poses and mirroring each other's every move.  As my teenager would say... we were "da bomb-diggity".  Eva and I were also on the phone together in real-time and, oh man, we just kept cracking up.  It was great!  (Eva, I luv ya, girl.)

When it came down to the final decision, we all lined up against the back wall.   The judges observed us very closely.  The contestants we were up against were awesome.  It was cool to see all the creative ideas people came up with,.. there were even male/female twins!

In the end, we received rave reviews and commendations, but the 1st place prize went to Jade and Kalala, for their over-the-top pajama twin ensemble.  You gotta admit, they were pretty funny looking.

All in all it was a great event and one we'd love to do again.  And hey, next time... maybe we'll grab a friend and enter as triplets!  :)

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