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Welcome to Sera's Life in THERE...

I started my journey through the world of THERE on June 20th, 2003, and since then, I have become hopelessly, yet delightfully, hooked.  The people and places of THERE are fun, fascinating, and a never-ending source of new adventures and experiences for me.  My purpose with this website is to share some of the sites I have found, people I have met, and stories I have to tell.

What is THERE?

THERE is, as described on their website, "the first online getaway that gives you the freedom to play and talk naturally while having fun and making friends."  Many will tell you that it's not a game, but for lack of a better definition and because "first online getaway...etc. etc." is kinda long and sounds funny in a sentence, this is how I will refer to it on this site.  You can find out more about the THERE metaverse, here: About There

Available in a both monthly and yearly subscriptions, THERE is an online community that offers more than just chat.  An enormous 3-D world with various islands and locations that range from lush, tropical jungles to vast, sun-drenched deserts to dark, eery landscapes, you're never hurting for new places to explore.  With buggies, hoverboards, hoverbikes, hoverpacks and hoverboats, and now, two-seater bocia bikes, there's plenty of ways to get around this 3-D adventureland.  Shoot, you might even try walking.  :)

What You Will Find Here:

Along with a photo gallery of screen shots from THERE, you will also find links to other THERE enthusiast websites, THERE-related tips and tricks, and my online product catalog as an aspiring designer under the "Sera Style" label.

Feel free to drop me a line, IM me in game, or sign my guestbook.  

Hope to see you THERE,